Saturday , June 24 2017
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Full Preterism or Gospel Eschatology – the Solution to the Circular Middle East Eschatological Dilemma Parts 1-2 (Lectures Delivered at the Berean Bible Conference 2017)

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Introduction I had the pleasure of being invited to the 2017 Berean Bible Conference last month and my wife I enjoyed it tremendously!  I highly encourage everyone to purchase the DVD’s.  Since many requested this material, I’m making it… Read More »

Messiah/Jesus is God & Prophesied to Recapitulate Israel’s Redemptive History – 1,000, 400, 65-70, 120, 40 and Isaiah 7 — 11

Introduction: The Rabbi’s believed that when Messiah would come He would recapitulate Israel’s past redemptive historical events in a type v. anti-type way.  Possible “years” or “days of Messiah” between their Old Covenant “this age” and the in-breaking Messianic or New Covenant age that were proposed by some were 40 and 70.  Some even admitted… Read More »

A Full Preterist Response to Islam and ISIS’s “Very Soon” Second Coming Eschatology and Refuting Similar Self-Fulfilling “In the Holy Land” “The End is Near” “Holy War” Eschatology of Roman Catholics, Modern Khazarian Zionist “Jews,” and Evangelical Zionists

Introduction This article is divided into two sections.  The first section is a direct response to an article written by the Islamic State (ISIL or ISIS).  The second deals with a broader subject addressing the various forms of “in the land” “the end is near” “holy war” eschatology (that simply means views of prophecy) of… Read More »

A Sovereign Grace Full Preterist Confession of Faith

Introduction Creeds and Full Preterism As depicted in this painting (see above), imagine one of the debates that the formers of the Westminster Confession of Faith had in the Westminster Abbey went something like was this: Man #1 (standing – Classic Amillennialist) – “The coming of Christ in Matthew 24, 2 Peter 3 and the… Read More »

My Full Preterist Response to John MacArthur’s (“Strange Fire” – Cessationist) v. Michael Brown’s (“Authentic Fire” – Charismatic) Part 7 – Argument #5 The “Greater Works” of John 14:12 & Interaction with Matt Waymeyer – Professor at The Master’s Seminary

In his book Authentic Fire (pp. 188-190) Charismatic Dr. Michael Brown believes since “whoever believes in me” is a universal term in other contexts (cf. Jn. 6:35; 7:38; 11:25; 12:44, 46), this must be the case here in John 14:12.  Therefore, he concludes that believers (prior to a Christ’s return which he assumes is future)… Read More »

My Full Preterist Response to John MacArthur’s (“Strange Fire” – Cessationist) v. Michael Brown’s (“Authentic Fire” – Charismatic) Part 6 – Argument #4 “The Already and Not Yet” of the Kingdom (ex. Mt. 10:7)

The “already and not yet” or “in-breaking” of the Kingdom of God Introduction I am continuing my series in critiquing Charismatic Dr. Michael Brown’s arguments that he has levied against Cessationist Pastor John MacArthur (my former Pastor and College President).  This series deals with answering the question as to which event does the NT teach… Read More »

Open Letter to Pastor John MacArthur and Faculty at The Master’s University / Seminary Re: Sullivan v. Brown Debate & Symposium Challenge

Dear Pastor John MacArthur and faculty at The Master’s University / Seminary, My purpose in this letter is to request a forum to debate Charismatic Apologist Dr. Michael L. Brown (author of Authentic Fire A Response to John MacArthur’s Strange Fire), and if possible to have Pastor MacArthur or one of the professors at The… Read More »

My Full Preterist Response to John MacArthur’s (“Strange Fire” – Cessationist) v. Michael Brown’s (“Authentic Fire” – Charismatic) Part 5 – Argument #3 The Great Commission Mrk. 16/Matt. 28

Introduction I am continuing to critique Michael Brown’s book, Authentic Fire and responding to Charismatic arguments that I once used against Pastor MacArthur and other professors and students at The Master’s College (as a young Charismatic having graduated Calvary Chapel Bible College).  Having become a Full Preterist (while attending The Master’s College in the early… Read More »