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An Exposition of “This Generation” (Matthew 24:34) Part 1


By Michael J. Sullivan Introduction In Matthew 24:34 the disciples are told that the signs, the coming of Jesus and the end of the age that the disciples previously asked about (“all these things”), would be fulfilled within their “this generation.” I will begin our study of Matthew 24:34 by quoting various translations that have… Read More »

House Divided…

A Futurist Review at Last! House Divided: Bridging the Gap in Reformed Eschatology has been selling now for about two months. In that time, the responses from futurist critics have been less than substantive. There were complaints that the title is a “rip off” of Bahnsen’s and Gentry’s book, House Divided: The Break-Up of Dispensational… Read More »

Responding to the Critics: The Little Horn of Daniel 7

The “Little Horn” of Daniel’s Sea-Beast: A Review Don K. Preston In the June, 1993 issue of the Christian Courier, Wayne Jackson, an out-spoken critic of Covenant Eschatology, expounds on the little horn of Daniel 7. Our purpose here is not to set forth a positive exegesis of Daniel 7 as much as it is… Read More »

Preterism Demands Universal Health Care (but not how you think)

All scripture from The 1599 Geneva Bible, Copyright 2006 by Tolle Lege Press, White Hall, WV. This is a general introduction to this topic to spark discussion, not a complete treatise on the issue. Every society required financing of public works, charity and care for all. Social financing is a necessity in any and every… Read More »

The ABC’s of Matthew 24-25=1 Thessalonians 4-5=1 Corinthians 15 Embracing the Organic Development of Full Preterist Synthesis Or the Myth of Orthodox “Unity” on the “Essentials” – You Decide

The ABC’s of Matthew 24-25=1 Thessalonians 4-5=1 Corinthians 15  Embracing the Organic Development of Full Preterist Synthesis Or the Myth of Orthodox “Unity” on the “Essentials” – You Decide By Michael J. Sullivan Copyright 2009 – revised and expanded 2013 Since this article is by far one of my most popular ones and has helped… Read More »

Debate Challenge Accepted / Issued!

Just recently, the issue of the present passive indicatives, and present indicatives that Paul uses in 1 Corinthians 15 to speak of the then on-going resurrection has become the topic of intense discussion on several preterist, and anti-preterist websites. Interestingly, a debate challenge has been issued, challenging the idea that we must honor those present… Read More »

Economics (transcribed from another blog site)

Original material will be forthcoming this weekend, but I wanted to consolidate the topic to this site. We know the present reality in which we live! We should be living as if our actions are meant to shape the universe we live in, because they are! How many of us know for example that biblical… Read More »

DVDs of Preterist Pilgrim Weekend 2009 Now Available!

DVDs of Preterist Pilgrim Weekend 2009 Now Available! JaDon Management and Don K. Preston are very glad to announce that DVDs of the 2009 Preterist Pilgrim Weekend are now available. As usual, this was a fantastic seminar, focusing on the Resurrection and the Millennium. Hot topics to be sure! Here is a listing of the… Read More »

Is Death The Christian’s Finest Hour?

Death: “The Christian’s Finest Hour” The Paradox of Modern Eschatologies by Don K. Preston Just recently, I attended the funeral of a fine Christian lady. The minister did a wonderful job of speaking of the woman’s faith, her Christ-like spirit of helping others, and of the surety of her reward in heaven. In fact, the… Read More »