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A writer of numerous articles for preterist periodicals. Co-Author of “House Divided.”

Commentary on the Gospel of John

By David A. Green www.PRETERISTCOSMOS.COM God sent His Son to save His chosen ones out from among His covenant-people, the Jews, and to save His chosen ones who were scattered among the nations (Jn. 10:16; 17:2).  God sent His Son to make these two One (i.e., “one new man” in Christ), to raise them up… Read More »

David Green Responds to Talbot-Jason on the WCF Q&A 85

Talbot-Jason has posted a superb example of the “full preterist presuppositions” that have increasingly emerged from within the church in history. The Westminster Confession of Faith: Q. 85. Death being the wages of sin, why are not the righteous delivered from death, seeing all their sins are forgiven in Christ? A. The righteous shall be… Read More »

Preterism and Reformed Theology

My Response to Dr. Kenneth Talbot’s Interview on Covenant Radio At the beginning of the interview William Hill asked Dr. Talbot: “How would you respond to the objection that says, okay, we are appealing to the historical analysis of this particular doctrine that has been explained for us for the last 2,000 years, and by doing… Read More »

The Theological Novum of the Reformation

My Response to William Hill and Dr. J. V. Fesko In my response to Gentry’s interview on Covenant Radio, I said that the post-apostolic church never taught “forensic justification by faith alone” until about the year 1500. Here is the quote: “As for the argument that the church couldn’t have been wrong about eschatology for… Read More »

Kenneth Gentry: Eck Redivivus

On September 16, 2009, Kenneth Gentry and Kenneth Talbot were interviewed by William Hill on Covenant Radio. This is my response to Gentry’s part in the interview. In the beginning, Mr. Hill asked Gentry to give “a basic definition” of “hyper-preterism.” Gentry began his response by saying that the definition of “hyper-preterism” is a difficult question… Read More »

House Divided…part 3

House Divided part 1 & part 2 My Response #3 to Jon: Found here. Jon wrote: As Wright point outs there are two basic meanings for resurrection in the Second Temple period. “In each case the referent is concrete: restoratin of Israel (’resurrection’ as metaphorical, denoting socio-political events and investing them with the significance that this… Read More »

House Divided…part 2

Read “House Divided…part1” My Response #2 to Jon Jon wrote: Dave wants to claim that Paul stands shoulder to shoulder with Hymie and Philetus on the nature of the resurrection. My response: I didn’t claim that “Paul stands shoulder to shoulder with Hymie and Philetus on the nature of the resurrection.” I said that “for… Read More »