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Will Jesus Ever Come Again?

THE AUDIENCE RELEVANCE PRINCIPLE The writers of the New Testament addressed their letters to contemporary audiences in their day. On the flip side, the recipients of the letters would have understood that those letters were addressed to them. This is known as the audience relevance principle. Consider a modern day example of this principle. When missionaries… Read More »

Australia Trip Report

Australia Trip Report Well, I am going to do my best to give a report on the just completed trip to Australia. Full blown jet lag may influence how this reads, so just bear with me! 🙂 William Bell and I traveled to Sydney, Australia on October the 18, at the invitation of Al Persohn,… Read More »

Smashing Brian Simmons’ Attempt to Smash Full Preterism

Smash full preterism now! That is the title of a podcast series by Brian Simmons[1]. According to the description, the podcast is “for listeners looking for a Scriptural answer to full preterism.” Why are they looking for a Scriptural answer? Because they don’t have one. Why not? Because there isn’t one. But Simmons makes an… Read More »

Does Preterism Have a Future?

THE question is often asked of those who believe in the fulfillment of all Bible prophecy (Luke 21:22), “Does Preterism have a future dimension to the teaching?”  The answer to the question is, of course, Yes. The fact of Biblical fulfillment is an established principle in the Scriptures, and includes results that continue beyond the… Read More »

Closet Wilson (Part 2)

I came across something the other day that made me think of Closet Wilson. Acts 17:11: “Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.” Imagine that! The Bereans examined the… Read More »

Closet Wilson

We’ve all seen the creedal argument against full preterism. Most of us, including a lot of futurists, can see right through that argument. Many futurists who hear some of the statements made by Mathison, Gentry, Wilson, et al., find their comments to be disturbing. And indeed they are disturbing. But its time to introduce everyone… Read More »

A Great Irony

In The Last Days According to Jesus, RC Sproul states the following: “The great weakness of full preterism—and what I regard to be its fatal flaw—is its treatment of the final resurrection. If full preterism is to gain wide credibility in our time, it must overcome this obstacle.”[i] There is great irony in Sproul’s comment… Read More »

Preterism Demands Universal Health Care (but not how you think)

All scripture from The 1599 Geneva Bible, Copyright 2006 by Tolle Lege Press, White Hall, WV. This is a general introduction to this topic to spark discussion, not a complete treatise on the issue. Every society required financing of public works, charity and care for all. Social financing is a necessity in any and every… Read More »

Economics (transcribed from another blog site)

Original material will be forthcoming this weekend, but I wanted to consolidate the topic to this site. We know the present reality in which we live! We should be living as if our actions are meant to shape the universe we live in, because they are! How many of us know for example that biblical… Read More »

Cross-Examining the Critics of Preterism

A Response To Kenneth Gentry When addressing the scholars of the Reformed community, care must be taken to get our facts, logic, and scripture correct. Unfortunately, those scholars do not take the same careful approach in dealing with Preterist Theology or the people involved. These scholars play loose with the facts, use logical fallacies, special… Read More »