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Having done this for 25 years, here are some links to articles on some popular texts we get questions about:

An Exegesis of Daniel12:1-3, John 5:28-29, and 1 Corinthians 15 – The Resurrection of the Dead Fulfilled by AD 70http://fullpreterism.com/house-divided-chapter-seven-the-resurrection-of-the-dead-an-exposition-of-first-corinthians-chapter-fifteen/

An Exegesis of Luke 21:22 and Daniel 12:1-7 – “All Things Written” Fulfilled by AD 70:  http://fullpreterism.com/partial-preterist-keith-a-mathison-in-wsttb-vs-full-preterist-michael-j-sullivan-in-hd-part-4-all-things-fulfilled-luke-2120-22/

An Exegesis of Acts 1:8-11 – The Second Coming Fulfilled by AD 70:  http://fullpreterism.com/partial-preterist-keith-a-mathison-in-wsttb-vs-full-preterist-michael-j-sullivan-in-hd-part-7-in-like-manner-acts-19-11/

Amillennialist Simon Kistemaker V. Full Preterist Michael Sullivan – Debate Over the Date of Revelation:  http://fullpreterism.com/amillennialist-simon-kistemaker-v-full-preterist-michael-sullivan-dating-the-book-of-revelation/

An Exegesis of Revelation 20 – The Millennium Fulfilled by AD 70:  http://fullpreterism.com/partial-preterist-keith-a-mathison-in-wsttb-vs-full-preterist-michael-j-sullivan-in-hd-part-12-the-millennium-revelation-20/

An Exegesis of Revelation 21 – The New Creation Fulfilled by AD 70: http://fullpreterism.com/partial-preterist-keith-a-mathison-in-wsttb-vs-full-preterist-michael-j-sullivan-in-hd-part-10-no-more-death-tears-and-pain-revelation-21/

An Exegesis of Romans 8:18-23 – The New Creation Fulfilled by AD 70:  http://fullpreterism.com/partial-preterist-keith-a-mathison-in-wsttb-vs-full-preterist-michael-j-sullivan-in-hd-part-9-the-imminent-liberation-of-creation-romans-818-23/

An Exegesis of Romans 11 – “All Israel Saved” and Fulfilled by AD 70: http://fullpreterism.com/partial-preterist-keith-a-mathison-in-wsttb-vs-full-preterist-michael-j-sullivan-in-hd-part-11-all-israel-will-be-saved-romans-1126/

An Exegesis of Daniel 9:24-27 – Daniel’s Seventy Sevens Fulfilled by AD 70: http://fullpreterism.com/the-seventy-sevens-of-daniel-924-27/

An Exegesis of 2 Timothy2:17-18 – Is Full Preterism the Modern Day Heresy of Hymenaeus and Philetus?  http://fullpreterism.com/partial-preterist-keith-a-mathison-in-wsttb-vs-full-preterist-michael-j-sullivan-in-hd-part-13-2-timothy-217-18/

David Green has done an outstanding job answering questions on full preterism.  He has cataloged over a hundred questions and answers.  I refer you to his valuable site on this subject:  http://www.preteristcosmos.com/questionsandanswers.html


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  1. Hello

    question 2 Cor 11:14 about angel of light Satan
    fit Catholic Mary show sky her light and Mormon two father and son show both

    ?????? or what explain your view 2 Cor 11:14 reference whose ?

    thanks you much Haviv

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