Saturday , August 19 2017
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TLB Show Matthew 24:35-36ff. End of Planet Earth Change of Subject? “Heaven and earth will pass away…” “But of that day and hour…”

Most agree that Matthew 24:1-34 contain the fall of Jerusalem, but do verses 35-36ff. indicate a change of subject to another coming of Christ to end and renew planet earth?  We and other Partial Preterists such as Gary DeMar, Joel McDurmon and Keith Mathison argue “no.”  But then does it follow from these Partial Preterists… Read More »

The Living Body Show Matthew 24:30-34 The Second Coming and Resurrection/Gathering in Jesus’ “This Generation”

Mike Sullivan and William Bell wrap up their series on what theologians have called, “The Big Three” (Matt. 10:22-23; 16:27-28; 24:34).  Did Jesus in fact predict that His Second Coming, end of the age, de-creation and resurrection would occur within some of the lifetimes of His contemporary audience or in their “this generation”?  Tune in… Read More »

The Living Body Show – Exposing Sam Frost’s “Exegesis” of Matt. 16:27-28 & Rev. 5 – Christ “Coming” in AD 30 or AD 66 – 70?

Sam Frost continues to try and convince people that he is some kind of eschatological expert in refuting Full Preterism and yet as this show demonstrates (and articles here on this site) he cannot deal with the basic fundamental Full Preterist exegetical arguments of Matt. 16:27-28 let alone how John Calvin and the Reformed Church… Read More »