Monday , February 19 2018
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Joel McDurmon, Dominionism and the Sabbath

Joel McDurmon, Dominionism and the Sabbath Don K. Preston D. Div.  In my formal debate with Joel McDurmon of American Vision (July 19-21, 2012), in my first affirmative presentation, I took note of the critical, but mostly overlooked, importance of the Sabbath to the study of eschatology. I proved that the Sabbath was a distinctively… Read More »

The Tabernacle of God and the Resurrection Broadcast

Per Mike Sullivan’s request, I am posting the audio to the most recent “Two Men and A Bible Broadcast” co-hosted by Don K. Preston, D. Div, and Williamn Bell currently at This study surveyed the tabernacle of God as the place where death is removed, showing the emphasis of the tabernacle and priesthood to… Read More »

Critique of American Vision/Joel McDurmon’s Affirmative – “The Hour is coming” (JOHN 4:21-24 & JOHN 5:28-29)

Critique of American Vision/Joel McDurmon’s Affirmative – “The Hour is coming” (JOHN 4:21-24 & JOHN 5:28-29) By Michael J. Sullivan In Joel McDurmon’s recent debate with Don Preston, he proposed a few arguments leveled at Full Preterism (FP) which I will now summarize and then address in the body of this article.  First, God’s promise… Read More »

Response To Joel McDurmon’s Article “The Passing Away of Heaven and Earth in Revelation 20:11 AND 20:1” Part 1 – 2 Peter 3

A FULL PRETERIST RESPONSE TO PARTIAL PRETERIST JOEL MCDURMON’S ARTICLE “THE ‘PASSING’ AWAY OF HEAVEN AND EARTH IN REVELATION 20:11 AND 21:1” Part 1 – 2 Peter 3 By: Michael J. Sullivan We once again turn our attention to the arbitrary hermeneutics of Partial Preterism (PP) in examining an article produced by American Vision’s Joel… Read More »

What Is a Pastor – Intro to Series

What is a pastor?  Is he a good teacher?  Is he a good leader?  Is he someone good at drawing people together?  Is he a counselor?  What are his responsibilities?  One of the big problems the church has faced is that many people have decided to follow the brick-and-mortar model of a church and appointed… Read More »

Will Jesus Ever Come Again?

THE AUDIENCE RELEVANCE PRINCIPLE The writers of the New Testament addressed their letters to contemporary audiences in their day. On the flip side, the recipients of the letters would have understood that those letters were addressed to them. This is known as the audience relevance principle. Consider a modern day example of this principle. When missionaries… Read More »

Australia Trip Report

Australia Trip Report Well, I am going to do my best to give a report on the just completed trip to Australia. Full blown jet lag may influence how this reads, so just bear with me! 🙂 William Bell and I traveled to Sydney, Australia on October the 18, at the invitation of Al Persohn,… Read More »

Smashing Brian Simmons’ Attempt to Smash Full Preterism

Smash full preterism now! That is the title of a podcast series by Brian Simmons[1]. According to the description, the podcast is “for listeners looking for a Scriptural answer to full preterism.” Why are they looking for a Scriptural answer? Because they don’t have one. Why not? Because there isn’t one. But Simmons makes an… Read More »