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My Second Lecture At The PPW 2017 Conference Part 3: Problems for Postmillennialism – The Olivet Discourse (Resurrection Cont.) the Trumpet Gathering of Matthew 24:30-31 = the Trumpet Catching Away of 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17

House Divided the Break-up of Postmillennialism and the Formation of Full Preterism Introduction:  At this point I’m going to be combining some material I produced for a lecture I did at one of the Berean Bible Conferences dealing with refuting the various literal rapture positions of some Postmillennialists and Partial Preterists with what I presented… Read More »

A Sovereign Grace Full Preterist Confession of Faith

Introduction Creeds and Full Preterism As depicted in this painting (see above), imagine one of the debates that the formers of the Westminster Confession of Faith had in the Westminster Abbey went something like was this: Man #1 (standing – Classic Amillennialist) – “The coming of Christ in Matthew 24, 2 Peter 3 and the… Read More »