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The Tabernacle of God and the Resurrection Broadcast

Tabernacle of God and the ResurrectionPer Mike Sullivan’s request, I am posting the audio to the most recent “Two Men and A Bible Broadcast” co-hosted by Don K. Preston, D. Div, and Williamn Bell currently at

This study surveyed the tabernacle of God as the place where death is removed, showing the emphasis of the tabernacle and priesthood to be the foundation of the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.

Additional information on this topic can be found on our blog Currently, we are creating additional writings and study aids to help others more clearly understand these concepts. Any questions you may have or points of clarity you would like to suggest from either this broadcast or the articles on the subject is appreciated.

It is my firm conviction that the tabernacle of God is the true hermeneutic for understanding the resurrection and deals a decisive blow to the IBD view (which if I understand correctly affirms immortality of the body only at death). It is also the knockout punch to the chin of the physical body resurrection affirmed by futurists of all colors and stripes. These concepts currently are being expanded upon for publication in a single work in the near future focusing on resurrection in a Full Preterist Covenant Eschatology context.

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I believe there are two key places where death and resurrection get derailed according to the scriptures. Both involved a beginning. Once we foul up the beginning we are certain to have complications with the end. My aim in these studies is to layout what I believe to be the derailment in the beginning and once established to keep on track all the way to the time of the end.

This means we’ll have less concern and opportunities for others to make arguments about the end of history, i.e. end of time which the Bible in my judgment says not one thing about in eschatological contexts or otherwise.

I appreciate those of you who have stood firm on these in light of those who waiver, and those who totter back and forth, seemingly not knowing how much ground they give up every time they release another significant text to fulfillment in 70AD.  Once again, thanks to all for your encouraging feedback on the broadcast.

About William Bell

William Bell, is a native Memphian, and founder of ministries. He has studied and espoused full preterism since 1979. He is a national and international speaker, the author of several books, tracts, audios, videos and articles on eschatology and fulfilled Bible prophecy. William is married to Leora, and they have three children and four grandchildren.

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  1. Hi William,

    I loved your show on the tabernacle/temple – brought back some good memories when I was reading Beale and doing some study on that subject as well. Probably the most rewarding study I have ever done. One greater than Solomon has come and He beautifies His temple with the faith of His people not literal gold.

    As you know GK Beale has been referred to by Mr. Frost as support to what he and McDurmon are teaching (along with these other scholars) and yet I have called this bluff and he has YET to produce ANY quotes in which anyone (outside the PP/PI views coming out of the Talbot/AV camp) are teaching that texts such as Dan. 12:2/John 5:28-29/Rom. 5:28-29/1 Cor. 15/Rev. 20 “Could be applied/fulfilled by AD 70,” but “await a fuller fulfillment at the end of history/time.”

    Them turning the imminent spiritual NC “better” “true” “substance” “not yet” eschaton of the NT into ANOTHER “not yet” “phase/manifestation” is a gross and arrogant eisegetical reading into the texts and adding to the Word of God. Turning these NT anti-types into further types to FIT THEIR CREEDAL views, is a rejection of “Sola Scriptura” for sure.

    According to Beale’s thesis:

    1) Matt. 24:35 should be applied to the elements of the temple (according to the context – if he follows his own thesis) and …

    2) The Great Commission brings the final phase and maturity to the New Creation promises. Of course the majority texts he appeals to as future to support his literal phase/manifestation doctrine — American Vision says were fulfilled by AD 70 — when debating Dispensationalism. No small problem!

    And you are correct in that the tabernacle/temple motif inseparably connected to the resurrection creates all kinds of problems for those PP who are claiming the resurrection body is still future for the believer – at death (IBD) or at the end of history. Share your study on 2 Cor. 5 when it comes out — keep up the excellent work!

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