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William Bell

William Bell

William Bell

William Bell is a student, author and speaker on eschatology bible studies. He is the author of two books, “Eschatology in Galatians, – Abraham Had Two Sons” and “The Re-examination” A Study of the Lord’s Second Coming in A.D. 70. Author of hundreds of articles, audio CD’s video and audio messages. A new book is scheduled later this year.

William travels the country and now abroad to share the message of the completed work of Christ and it’s implications for our lives in the kingdom today. These messages have universal appeal, promote a positive worldview and are helping to rebuild the breech in Christianity of past centuries caused by futurist eschatology

He has helped to spread the message of covenant eschatology in Tennessee, Ohio, Texas, North and South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, New Mexico and virtually, throughout the world. William, and his wife Leora, reside in Memphis, TN. Together they have two wonderful daughters, and a son, and four adorable grandchildren.

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