Having done this for 25 years, here are some links to articles on some popular texts we get questions about:
An Exegesis of Daniel12:1-3, John 5:28-29, and 1 Corinthians 15 – The Resurrection of the Dead Fulfilled by AD 70https://fullpreterism.com/house-divided-chapter-seven-the-resurrection-of-the-dead-an-exposition-of-first-corinthians-chapter-fifteen/
An Exegesis of Luke 21:22 and Daniel 12:1-7 – “All Things Written” Fulfilled by AD 70:  https://fullpreterism.com/partial-preterist-keith-a-mathison-in-wsttb-vs-full-preterist-michael-j-sullivan-in-hd-part-4-all-things-fulfilled-luke-2120-22/
An Exegesis of Acts 1:8-11 – The Second Coming Fulfilled by AD 70:  https://fullpreterism.com/partial-preterist-keith-a-mathison-in-wsttb-vs-full-preterist-michael-j-sullivan-in-hd-part-7-in-like-manner-acts-19-11/
Amillennialist Simon Kistemaker V. Full Preterist Michael Sullivan – Debate Over the Date of Revelation:  https://fullpreterism.com/amillennialist-simon-kistemaker-v-full-preterist-michael-sullivan-dating-the-book-of-revelation/
An Exegesis of Revelation 20 – The Millennium Fulfilled by AD 70:  https://fullpreterism.com/partial-preterist-keith-a-mathison-in-wsttb-vs-full-preterist-michael-j-sullivan-in-hd-part-12-the-millennium-revelation-20/
An Exegesis of Revelation 21 – The New Creation Fulfilled by AD 70: https://fullpreterism.com/partial-preterist-keith-a-mathison-in-wsttb-vs-full-preterist-michael-j-sullivan-in-hd-part-10-no-more-death-tears-and-pain-revelation-21/
An Exegesis of Romans 8:18-23 – The New Creation Fulfilled by AD 70:  https://fullpreterism.com/partial-preterist-keith-a-mathison-in-wsttb-vs-full-preterist-michael-j-sullivan-in-hd-part-9-the-imminent-liberation-of-creation-romans-818-23/
An Exegesis of Romans 11 – “All Israel Saved” and Fulfilled by AD 70: https://fullpreterism.com/partial-preterist-keith-a-mathison-in-wsttb-vs-full-preterist-michael-j-sullivan-in-hd-part-11-all-israel-will-be-saved-romans-1126/
An Exegesis of Daniel 9:24-27 – Daniel’s Seventy Sevens Fulfilled by AD 70: https://fullpreterism.com/the-seventy-sevens-of-daniel-924-27/
An Exegesis of 2 Timothy2:17-18 – Is Full Preterism the Modern Day Heresy of Hymenaeus and Philetus?  https://fullpreterism.com/partial-preterist-keith-a-mathison-in-wsttb-vs-full-preterist-michael-j-sullivan-in-hd-part-13-2-timothy-217-18/
David Green has done an outstanding job answering questions on full preterism.  He has cataloged over a hundred questions and answers.  I refer you to his valuable site on this subject:  http://www.preteristcosmos.com/questionsandanswers.html

2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I want to know what happens when a Christian dies. Wait for judgement with Abraham? Go to heaven?

  2. I am sure you are confident in your salvation even thou you make no good sense in your biblical understanding. You generate huge circles of thought that returns on itself and makes no headway. You never give the Word a chance to influence your mind because you are to busy making the Word fit your desired ends.
    I feel sorry for you. All that brain power put into making the Word of God fit your will instead of letting Gods will be your guide. This takes true humility. Something I don’t see in you?
    Some times the most difficult thing to do is, get on your knees, toss dirt over your head and pray that God will take your miserable tiny brain that is stuck in time and space, having no true understanding about anything and grant you a moment of light, as to just how stupid mankind is without YOU!
    For without this light all you get is generous piles of crap, that just confuse the average Christian.
    May God bless you and give you the light you need to please HIM and HIM alone.

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