Major Announcement: Preterite Commentary on Thessalonians is Now Ready!

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An Exciting Major Announcement!
Book Release:
We Shall Meet Him In The Air, The Wedding of the King of kings
by Don K. Preston
A Major Commentary on 1 Thessalonians 4:13f
1 Thessalonians 4:13f is one of the most important of all Bible prophecies of the “end times.”
The Dispensationalist says it predicts the Rapture at the end of the Christian Age.
The Amillennialists says it is the removal of the earth at the end of time.
The Postmillennialists says it is the literal coming of Christ at the end of the Christian Age.
All three major views of Thessalonians are wrong, dead wrong!
1 Thessalonians 4:13f has nothing to do with the end of time and human history.
1 Thessalonians has nothing to do with a removal of the church from earth, whether first century or at the end of the Christian Age. Period!
These are bold statements, but in an exciting major announcement, JaDon Management and Don K. Preston is thrilled to announce the completion of a comprehensive new commentary on 1 Thessalonians 4! This work has been years in the making, but it is finally ready and you can order your’s today!
The book is entitled:
We Shall Meet Him In The Air, The Wedding of the King of kings!
This major work (450+ pages, with indices), examines every eschatological text in the Thessalonian epistles to help set the proper context for understanding chapter 4. In addition, the book offers:
An extensive examination of the Death of Adam
An extensive discussion of the Atonement of Christ
The Prophetic Theme of the Messianic Temple
The Prophetic Theme of the Re-Marriage of Israel
Preston demonstrates that key themes from the OT lie behind Thessalonians, themes that are normally ignored in modern studies of the text.
Further, you will be amazed at what Preston calls the “Theological Atom Bomb” that lies right on the surface of Thessalonians. This powerful and convincing linguistic study builds on the world’s best scholarship to establish beyond doubt that Thessalonians is not about the removal of the church from earth, at any time, past or present! This is fantastic information and you will be amazed at the scholarly support that Preston brings to bear.
We Shall Meet Him:
Refutes dispensationalism.
Refutes the AD 70 rapture doctrine. This is the most extensive study of this doctrine that has been written.
Refutes Kenneth Gentry and Keith Mathison’s new books, He Shall Have Dominion and From Age To Age: The Unfolding of Biblical Eschatology. This is devastating material, not found anywhere else!
Here is what some scholars are saying about We Shall Meet Him:
Dale Allison
Errett M. Grable Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.>
Dr. Andrew Perriman:
Author of The Coming of the Son of Man: New Testament Eschatology for an Emerging Church and Re: Mission: Biblical Mission for a Post-Biblical Church, and founder of the Open Source Theology website.>
Don K. Preston is a consummate researcher and writer, passionate regarding the importance of a clear understanding of scripture, especially as it relates to Eschatology. In this outstanding book on I Thessalonians 4, Brother Preston seeks to present a comprehensive and compelling look at key controversies related to the end times.
With excellent research, clear logic and grace Don presents his argument, leaving it to the reader to make final conclusions. Let the reader beware. this is not a work for the novice, but will definitely challenge the reader to search the scriptures fully; for “in them you have eternal life; and it is these that bear witness of Me.”
Stan E. DeKoven, Ph.D., MFT
President and Founder: Vision International College and University
Ramona, CA.>
There is literally not another book like We Shall Meet Him In The Air! This is the very first, and only, full length preterite commentary on 1 Thessalonians 4:13f.
If you have been looking for answers about 1 Thessalonians 4:13f you absolutely must have this new book! This is the book that the preterist community has been waiting for! This book will answer the critics like nothing else, with solid, irrefutable, scholarly exegesis. Put this book at the top of your “Must Have” list!
You can order your copy today, by sending a check or MO to:
Don K. Preston
JaDon Management Inc.
1405 4th Ave. N. W. #109
Ardmore, Ok. 73401
Price is $23.95 + $4.50 shipping, for a total of $28.45.
You can also use PayPal, although the book is not yet listed on my websites– but will be shortly.
You can send the funds directly to me using PayPal ( Be sure to make a note informing me that you are ordering We Shall Meet Him In The Air.