Armageddon Deception


The Eschatology of Islam & Zionism
A Biblical Response

How and Why We Really Can Have Peace in the Middle East
—with a Sound and Biblical Gospel Eschatology Message

The eschatology (study of Bible prophecy) of Islam, Israeli Zionism and Evangelical Zionism perpetuates conflict in the Middle East because each system holds to three un-biblical views:

1) There is “sacred” or “holy land” today for God’s people to conquer and inhabit.
2) The Second Coming of Jesus or the Messiah is going to come “very soon,” to usher in…
3) the end of the age “holy war” of Armageddon or the battle of Gog and Magog.

Scripture is clear that New Covenant age believers are “in Christ,” not “in the land.” And John, in Revelation, correctly identified the coming of Christ upon the clouds associated with the war of Armageddon or Gog and Magog to be fulfilled “shortly” and “soon” in the historical events of the Roman / Jewish war just before the Temple was destroyed in AD 67 – AD 70, not in our future.

Since Muslims often argue that Jesus never claimed to be God, this critical topic receives a great deal of coverage, proving that the Scriptures teach the contrary. This is especially true since modern Jews also reject Jesus’ claims to be God and accuse Christians of “inventing a new religion separated from the OT or rabbinic traditions.”


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Michael Sullivan is a graduate of Calvary Chapel Bible College
and majored in Theology at The Master’s College. Mike is a
Preterist author, debater and conference speaker. His previous
work was a co-authored book,
“House Divided Bridging the
Gap in Reformed Eschatology…”


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