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David Green Responds to Talbot-Jason on the WCF Q&A 85

Talbot-Jason has posted a superb example of the “full preterist presuppositions” that have increasingly emerged from within the church in history. The Westminster Confession of Faith: Q. 85. Death being the wages of sin, why are not the righteous delivered from death, seeing all their sins are forgiven in Christ? A. The righteous shall be delivered from death itself at…

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In What Sense Did Jesus Leave, Stay and Then Return In AD 70 – Brief Study of Acts 1:6-11–3:17-23 and The Anaology of Scripture

By David Green / Michael Bennett / Michael Sullivan Talbotism or Partial Preterism would ask: . . . Jesus left. And unless you ignore his promise to be with them until the end of the age, you would have to agree that there is a sense in which he didn’t leave. Well, it seems awfully obvious to me now that…

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David Green

Preterism and Reformed Theology

My Response to Dr. Kenneth Talbot’s Interview on Covenant Radio At the beginning of the interview William Hill asked Dr. Talbot: “How would you respond to the objection that says, okay, we are appealing to the historical analysis of this particular doctrine that has been explained for us for the last 2,000 years, and by doing so we are denying sola Scriptura.…

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