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  By Michael James Sullivan




We live in a day where our presidents and politicians are highly influenced and manipulated by Israeli Zionism, Islam and Christian Dispensational Zionism to make political decisions which will allegedly usher in an end-time holy war or coming (first or second) messianic figure; thus the devil is sitting on President Trump’s shoulders and whispering in his ears. Only a correct and exegetical understanding of the first century imminent time frame and spiritual nature of Christ’s Second Coming and arrival of His “kingdom of Heaven” (the golden missing puzzle piece) can expose, correct and reverse the alleged inevitable and supposedly imminent “Armageddon Deception,” or the “Gog and Magog Deception” present in all three of these systems. It is only then that we can truly begin to bring peace to the Middle East.




I wish to express my everlasting gratitude to my beloved wife, Denise, whose patience and longsuffering toward me and loving support in writing this volume has meant the world to me.

This book would have never come to fruition without Pastor David Curtis of Berean Bible Church inviting me to speak at one of our annual conferences where I lectured on the contents of this book. I had so many people over the years tell me that those lectures and subsequent articles needed to be turned into a book, so here it is.

Special thanks to Jeff McCormack in his labors on the cover design work and to Adam Maarschalk for his meticulous editing. It’s a blessing to have Full Preterist Christians gifted in these areas.





Islam – an Eschatology of Violence:  Holy Land, a “Very Soon” Second Coming of Jesus and End Time Holy War to Destroy the Infidels (Jews, Christians, etc.)



Talmudic or Messianic Zionism:  Holy Land, an Imminent Messianic Deliverer and Holy War to Enslave or Destroy the Gentiles (Islam, Christians, etc.)



Evangelical Zionism:  Holy Land, a “Very Soon” Second Coming of Jesus to “Rapture” the Church and Start a Holy War to Destroy the Sinners (Islam, Jews, etc.)



The Christian Full Preterist Solution:  Believers in Messiah/Jesus Are God’s New Covenant Sacred Space – the Kingdom is Now         “Within” and “in Christ,” Not “in the Land”



The Christian Full Preterist Solution:  The “Big Three” (Mt. 10:22-23; Mt. 16:27-28 & Mt. 24:34) – Jesus Promised that His Second Coming and the End of the Old Covenant Age/World Would Occur in the Lifetime and Generation of the First Century Church—Promise Fulfilled by AD 70



The Christian Full Preterist Solution:  The End of the Old Covenant Age Battle of Armageddon / Gog and Magog Fulfilled AD 67 – AD 70



How was the Resurrection Fulfilled by AD 70?



How was the “Rapture” Fulfilled by AD 70?



How did Jesus Come “In Like Manner” in AD 70?



How was the Millennium Fulfilled Between AD 27 – AD 67?



How is the Promise of No More Death, Pain and Tears Fulfilled?



How to Evangelize Muslims, Zionists and/or Reach Evangelical Zionists from Their Own Sources of Authority.



Pentecostal and Charismatic Zionists and their Conflicting or False Prophecy – the Miraculous Sign and Revelatory Gifts Ceased in AD 70!



Liberal Pacifism Refuted and Just War Theory Defended from Scripture!



Identifying the Enemies and Putting Together a Christian Patriot Party Platform and Foreign Policy in the Middle East



A). The Roman Catholic Church, Sacred Space and Holy War Eschatology


B).  Two Full Preterist Movie Proposals:  1). AD 70 and 2).  Armageddon Conspiracy.




“The war of ideas” = “The war of theology or eschatology”


Everyone looking at the conflict in the Middle East realizes that while engaging militarily at times is necessary, the ultimate solution will have to come from another area. Therefore, many see the various conflicting religious theologies or forms of eschatology (study of prophecy) fueling these areas as being solved ultimately through a “war of ideas.”  What they mean by this is really a “war of theology/eschatology” that needs to change the hearts and minds within these areas before lasting peace can emerge.


The problem summarized 


Unfortunately, these three futurist eschatological systems of Islam, Israeli or Talmudic Zionism and Evangelical Zionism all share common errors that perpetuate conflict in the Middle East and the U.S. such as:


  • God allegedly has predicted for our generation to see end time “signs” that are allegedly being fulfilled right before our eyes today such as natural disasters, wars, and an imminent arrival of an evil ruler or “Antichrist”, “man of lawlessness,” etc. As we will see, many read their Quran, Talmud/Torah and NT through the lens of current events and news headlines.


  • God allegedly will cause the evil ruler’s religious system to overcome others or inherit certain local “holy land” areas and ultimately the earth, while the other groups are exterminated or end up serving their god or even them in some way.


  • There is an alleged future but imminent “end time” great war (e.g. the battle of Gog and Magog or Armageddon) for us to experience in which their religion will win over the other wicked ones.


  • God allegedly will send Jesus or Messiah to save Israel (or to condemn Israel, according to the Islamic view), bringing global peace, defeating the antichrist and infidels, and thus ushering in some kind of paradise or kingdom on earth.


But what if it can be proven that these Biblical “end time” signs and “holy war” scenarios have already been fulfilled and that the OT and NT predicted a “new” and spiritual kingdom to be established within the hearts of His people rather than the establishment of a physical earthly paradise on earth?


What if it can be proven according to Allah’s “revelations” that Muhammad was a false prophet, and thus the Quran is not a revelation from God?  What if it can be proven from their own Islamic sources that the Old and New Testaments could not be corrupted and that they do contradict the Quran?  Where does this leave and lead the Muslim when he or she is commanded to go to the “people of the book” (Christians) to test and judge if the Quran is accurate and/or consistent with the Bible?


And for the Zionist, what if all of the land promises were actually fulfilled in the OT and therefore the modern state of Israel is a non-starter?  What if the OT prophetic material concerning Israel being saved or gathered “in the land” was also typological, pointing to a greater and spiritual fulfillment in the prophesied coming new covenant that would be realized “in Christ”?


Therefore, does the God of the Bible really support or recognize modern day Israel as “God’s people”?  Is modern day Israel and the events of 1948 or 1967 a “super sign” of fulfilled Bible prophecy, or was it simply formed and funded by the Rothschild dynasty and Khazarian mafia which seeks to globally enslave the Gentiles through monetary means using modern Israel as one of many places to conduct some of its affairs?


How many passages in the OT and NT have they and Evangelical Zionists claimed were fulfilled in 1948 or 1967 that are grossly taken out of context in order to back and support their false and manipulative religious/political systems?


Are Christians in the U.S. supposed to support modern day Israel in their theft and violence because God will allegedly “bless” us if we do?  Are some Evangelical Zionists such as C.I. Scofield and John Hagee correct to condemn Christians as being in “sin” if we don’t support the modern Israeli agenda?


Is it just possible that modern day Israel is simply another unbelieving nation, among many others, that needs the gospel and to be held accountable for their land agreements with the Palestinians?


What if it can be proven from Jewish sources prior to Jesus and after AD 70 that Messiah would be divine and had to have arrived even upon the clouds of heaven before the second Temple fell in AD 70?  What if I can show Jews that their own sources of authority teach that a spiritual resurrection and spiritual fulfillment of the Temple promises were to be fulfilled by AD 70?


And what if I can prove to the Evangelical Zionist that both the OT and NT teach that a Messianic kingdom and temple would be fulfilled spiritually and “within” the believer, and that they don’t teach that a physical or earthly kingdom or temple will be set up in modern Jerusalem?  And what if I can prove these to be true not only from the Scriptures, but from the teachings of the orthodox Christian Church?


What if I can prove to the Evangelical Zionist that the “rapture” of 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17 is not a promise made to them whereby they are going to disappear from planet earth just before things get really bad here on earth?  If I can prove this passage was fulfilled by AD 70 and the Christian Church will never be raptured off the planet, would this affect the way the Church lives, should be involved in politics, and ought to develop long-term strategies to take back our country and fight against wicked globalism?  If I can do this, perhaps we can awaken the Evangelical sleeping giant from the mentality that says, “You don’t polish brass on a sinking ship.”


What are we to make of the Charismatic Evangelical Zionist movement that brings false prophecies in the name of God concerning the Second Coming and the activities of our politicians and even our Presidents?  Did the gift of prophet and prophecy in the OT and NT contain error or was the prophet to be 100% accurate?  Did the office of prophet and the miraculous gifts of prophecy, tongues and knowledge stop or cease in AD 70?  If so, what are we to make of all the false, failed and often times conflicting “prophecies” arising from the Charismatic Zionist churches?


The solution summarized


These are all very important questions when analyzing these three “end time” religious systems and trying to find an effective “war of ideas” that can bring as much peace as is possible among them.  Therefore, let me answer some of these questions and give the reader my propositions and solutions from the outset. The rest of this volume is designed to prove my propositions:


  • Imminent Time of Fulfillment: Jesus predicted that His Second Coming, the end of the (old covenant) age, and all of the signs described in Matthew 24-25 would be fulfilled (and were “near”) within His contemporary “this generation” and He kept that promise (Matthew 24:34; see also Matthew 10:22-23 and Matthew 16:27-28). Therefore, the NT inspired authors who were “reminded” and “led into truth concerning things to come” like their Master also taught (as their generation was ending) that Christ’s Second Coming was “at hand”, “near”, “soon,” and was “about to be” fulfilled “in a very little while and will not delay” (ex. Rms. 13:11-12; Jms. 5:7-9; 1 Pet. 4:5-7; Heb. 10:37; Rev. 1:1—22:7, 10, 20).


Jesus and the NT authors are consistent with OT prophets who used common apocalyptic language filled with metaphors and symbolism.  When God came on the clouds in the OT and there was de-creation language, He came through an invading army and caused the nations being judged to have their civil and religious worlds come to an end.  In the Olivet Discourse Jesus prophesied that the age or world (heaven and earth) of the old covenant system would end in His generation.  Neither Jesus nor any NT author predicted that the end of world history was “near” or “soon” to take place.


  • Sacred Space: Under the Old Covenant there was a literal “in the land” militaristic kingdom or theology, but this served as prophetic types and shadows of Jesus’ spiritual kingdom or being “in Christ” under the new covenant which now advances through the sword of the Spirit or the everlasting gospel.  However, this does not lead to pacifism, as I will discuss in a later chapter.


The events of 1948 have nothing to do with the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, contrary to the empty claims of Zionism in its various forms.  Neither modern-day Judaism nor Islam has any religious right to “holy land” in the Middle East or the planet today.


The Bible does not support a Messianic Kingdom or paradise on earth.  Jesus taught that when He would be revealed from heaven like the sun shining from the east to the west, His Kingdom would not be seen with one’s eyes, but rather would be realized “within the heart of a person” (Lk. 17:20-37).  It is more than ironic that people refer to Islam, Talmudic Zionism, and Evangelical Zionism as the “three Abrahamic faiths.”  This is odd since Hebrews makes it abundantly clear that Abraham’s faith was not in an earthly country or city but a spiritual or heavenly one, “For we have not here an abiding city [a city named Jerusalem on earth], but we are seeking the one [city / New Jerusalem] about to [‘mello’ in Greek] come” (Heb. 11:10-16; 13:14).  This is consistent with the “Jerusalem from above” being the new covenant (Gal. 4:26) which Revelation teaches is the New Jerusalem which was in the process of coming down and did “shortly” arrive in AD 70 when the earthly Jerusalem/Babylon was destroyed (Rev. 1:1; 3:12; 22:7, 10, 20 NIV).


  • The End of the Age War: The battle of “Gog and Magog,” or “Armageddon” was prophesied to be fulfilled within a 3 ½ year period, and “shortly” or “soon,” and this took place during the Roman-Jewish War of AD 67 – AD 70, resulting in the temple being destroyed. This was also the time “when the power of the holy people would be completely destroyed,” thus marking the end of the old covenant age (Lk. 21:20-32; Rev. 11; Dan. 12:4-7).


  • The Office of Prophet & Prophecy: I will prove from the OT and NT that the office of prophet and the miraculous gift of prophecy “stopped” or “ceased” when the Temple was destroyed in AD 70 at the “soon” Second Coming of Christ (Dan. 9:24-27; 1 Cor. 13:8-12; Rev. 22:4-7, 10, 20).  This obviously is relevant in our discussion with Islam since because Muhammad couldn’t be “God’s prophet” when that office and revelation ceased in AD 70.  It is also relevant since many Charismatic Zionists surround President Trump and give false and failed “prophecies” on almost a daily basis, which creates much concern.  If a President has a “prophet” or “prophetess” as his council and wants WWIII to take place so they can be “raptured,” – “Houston we have a problem.”


Outline and Approach to the Solution


My approach is twofold:  First, I will develop what each of these three systems teach concerning sacred space and an imminent Second Coming of Jesus the Messiah to usher in an end-time holy war.  Secondly, I will demonstrate how these overlapping prophetic concepts have either been proven to be false and failed predictions, or are in conflict with what the Bible actually teaches.


I should also note that since Islam says that Jesus never claimed to be God and rejects the Deity of Christ, and since modern Jews claim that a divine Messiah is nowhere taught in the Torah or in their rabbinic traditions, I will deal with this subject in much detail as well.  It is not sufficient to tear down a false religion, but one must do so while pointing the person to the truth and when possible do it even through their own sources of authority.


I will now begin to make my case proving that all of my propositions above are in fact true, and therefore make a truly Biblical and common-sense case which will achieve more peace in the Middle East than is present today.


I dedicate this book to President Trump who did not listen to many who wanted to lure us into the “endless wars” in the Middle East.  In fact, not only did he not listen to the enticements of Islam, Israel and Evangelicals to engage in war in the Middle East, but he made peace deals.  My work is simply a theological treatise which can be used for Christian politicians and presidents to take peace in the Middle East to the next level and provide a platform for “Christian Patriots” to take back this great country!


Armageddon Deception Book Final Draft Sept 7-print edition 7×10-with additions-2-final

House Divided Chapter Four NT Time Texts Partial Preterist Keith A. Mathison Vs. Full Preterist Michael J. Sullivan – The Millennium Revelation 20

House Divided Bridging the Gap in Reformed Eschatology A Preterist Response to

When Shall These Things Be?

Chapter Four
The Eschatological Madness of Mathison or How Can These Things Be?

The Millennium Revelation 20
Michael J. Sullivan
Copyright 2009 and 2013 – All rights reserved.  No part of this book (or article) may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the publisher or author of this chapter/article (Vision Publishing or Michael J. Sullivan), except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. 
Mathison writes: “ . . . [T]he hyper-preterist interpretations of the millennium fail to take seriously the long-term time text involved. . . . When the word thousand is used in Scripture, it refers either to a literal thousand or to an indefinite, but very large, number” (209).
Psalm 50:10 is often cited, usually by postmillennialists, to teach that “a thousand” symbolizes literally “many thousands or millions.” For every beast of the forest is Mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills. (Ps. 50:10)
Postmillennialists reason that God owns the cattle on every hill; therefore “a thousand hills” symbolizes or represents “many thousands or millions of hills.” Thus, they reason, we are led by Scripture to interpret the “thousand years” in Revelation 20 to mean “many thousands or millions of years.”
That reasoning sounds solid at first glance. However, the context of Psalm 50:10 does not lead us to a principle that a symbolic “thousand” always signifies “many thousands.” It leads us to the principle that a symbolic “thousand” signifies “fullness.” The “thousand” of Psalm 50:10 is interpreted for us two verses later:
The world is Mine, and the fullness thereof. (Ps. 50:12b)
In Psalm 90:4, a “thousand years” is as “yesterday” and as “a watch in the night.” In 2 Peter 3:8, a “thousand years” is as one “day.” In those verses, a “thousand” (and “yesterday” and “a watch” and a “day”) is used to teach us that to God, a small piece of time is no different than a fullness of time. (Compare Job 7:7; Ps. 39:5; 90:2; 144:4; Heb. 13:8; Jms. 4:14.) Thus in Psalm 105:8, a “thousand” corresponds with “forever”: He has remembered His covenant forever, the word that he commanded to a thousand generations. (Ps. 105:8)
In scriptural usage, a symbolic “thousand” can be likened to “one” (day / yesterday / a watch in the night), or used in reference to millions of hills, or to eternity (“forever”). A “thousand” can be likened unto or used to represent a number lesser or greater than a literal thousand. Only its context can determine its literal numerical meaning, but the basic idea that is communicated by the number is “fullness.” As G. K. Beale wrote, “The primary point of the thousand years is probably not a figurative reference to a long time . . .”[1]
How one interprets the thousand years in Revelation 20 depends on one’s eschatological framework. The passage does not interpret itself, but must be interpreted by the overall eschatology of Scripture. Within the preterist interpretive framework, the biblical-eschatological context of Revelation 20 should lead us to interpret the “thousand years” to signify the time of the Christological filling up of all things (Eph. 1:10; 4:10). That time was from the Cross of Christ to the Parousia of Christ in AD 70. That was the time during which “the [spiritual] death” which came through Adam and was magnified through “the law” was in process of being destroyed. The literal timeframe of the “thousand years” was roughly forty years.
Mathison admits that he does not know if there were any rabbis who used the number 1,000 to symbolize forty years (210). Reformed theologian G. K. Beale tells us that some Jews considered the length of the intermediate messianic reign to be forty years. He also states that one Jewish tradition made an anti-type connection between Adam’s lifespan (almost 1,000 years) and a reign of Messiah for a (possibly symbolic) thousand years.[2] Many Christians have attempted to make this connection and have also paralleled the thousand years of 2 Peter 3:8 with John’s thousand years in Revelation 20:2–6.
Adam falling short of the 1,000-year lifespan by 70 years (Gen. 5:5) may represent his being created a mortal being and perishing in sin outside of God’s presence. If this is the case, then it is more than reasonable that the number 1,000 took on the symbolism and representation of Christ’s and the church’s victory over Death in contrast to Adamic man’s vain existence apart from God’s salvation (Eccl. 6:6).
Some Evangelicals and Reformed theologians along with some preterists such as Milton Terry do not understand the long lifespans in the early chapters of Genesis to be literal.[3] They believe that the lifespans were symbolic and contained numerological elements. But even if Adam’s lifespan was a literal 930 years, this does not exclude an anti-typical, symbolic 1,000 years in Revelation 20.
When Messiah came as “the last Adam,” His reign in and through the church for a symbolic thousand years brought the church not to the dust of the earth separated from God’s presence, but to the Tree of Life and into the very presence of God (Rev. 20–22:12). Through faith in and union with Christ as the Last Adam (the Tree of Life and New Creation), Christians have achieved what Adam could not. The church was clothed with “immortality”; it attained unto the “fullness” of life in AD 70; and it will never die for the aeons of the aeons (2 Cor. 1:20; 1 Cor. 15:45–53; Rev. 21–22; Jn. 11:26–27).
All of the authors of WSTTB understand that the Second Coming is the event that brings the millennium to its consummation. However, the only future coming of Jesus discussed in the book of Revelation is the one that would take place shortly (Rev. 3:11; 22:6–7, 10–12, 20). Both Mathison and Gentry concede that this imminent coming of Christ took place in AD 70. But then they err in assuming that the imminent coming of Jesus in Revelation was not His “actual second coming” (182).
To conclude my section on the millennium of Revelation 20, please consider the following exegetical, orthodox, and historical points:

  1. Kenneth Gentry informs us that the book of Revelation is about things which were past, present, and “about to be” fulfilled in John’s day (Rev. 1:19, YLT). There is no exegetical evidence that Revelation 20 does not fall within these inspired parameters.
  2. As G.K. Beale has said, the symbol of the thousand years does not have to be taken as describing a long period of time (i.e., thousands of years).
  3. It has also been acknowledged by Reformed theologians that many Rabbis believed that the period of Messiah was to be a transitionary stage between “this age/world and the age/ world to come.” These Rabbis (such as R. Adiba), understood this transition period to be forty years, based upon how long the Israelites were in the wilderness before inheriting the land. This type/anti-type understanding is developed for us in the book of Hebrews (cf. Heb. 3-4; 10:25, 37; 11—13:14, YLT). And as we have noted from Reformed partial preterists such as Joel McDurmon and Gary DeMar, it is within the realm of Reformed orthodoxy to believe that Jesus’ and Paul’s “this age/world” was the old covenant age, and that “the last days” were the days of transition between the old covenant age and the new covenant age (AD 30 – 70).
  4. Reformed partial preterists such as Keith Mathison, Kenneth Gentry, and James Jordan teach that the content of Revelation 1-19 and 21-22 was fulfilled by AD 70, at which time there was a judgment and resurrection of the dead and arrival of the new creation. And amillennialists such as Simon Kistemaker teach that Revelation 20:5–15 recapitulates the same judgment and consummation scenes that are depicted in chapters 1–19 and 21–22. Full preterists hold to both of these Reformed and “orthodox” positions in interpreting the bookof Revelation.
  5. In criticizing the premillennial view, which often seeks to isolate Revelation 20 from the rest of the New Testament, amillennialists and many postmillennialists hold that Revelation 20 falls within the “already and not yet” of the “last days” period in the New Testament, and that this transition period is depicted in the parable of the wheat and tares, or in Matthew 24–25. But as we have seen, it is “orthodox” to believe the “last days” ended with the old covenant age in AD 70, and that the harvest/gathering and coming of Christ in Matthew 13 and 24–25 was fulfilled by AD 70.
  6. If it is true that a) the coming of Christ in Matthew 24 and 25 is referring to the AD 70 judgment, as Mathison and other partial preterists are now proposing, and if it is true that b) John’s version of Matthew 24-25 is found in the book of Revelation, and if it is true that c) Matthew 24:27-31 — 25:31ff. is descriptive of the one end-of-the-age Second Coming, judgment, and resurrection event (the creedal position), then d) the authors of WSTTB have some explaining to do, because these orthodox doctrines form the “this-generation” fortyyear millennial view of full preterism.
Resurrection and judgment Matt. 24:30-31 (cf. Matt. 13:39-43/Dan. 12:2-3) Matt. 25:31-46 (cf.   Matt. 16:27-28) Resurrection and judgment Rev. 20:5-15
De-creation heaven and earth pass/flee Matt. 24:29, 35 (cf. Matt. 5:17-18) De-creation heaven and earth pass/flee Rev. 20:11 (cf. Rev. 6:14; 16:20; 21:1)
Christ on throne to judge Matt. 25:31 God on throne to judge Rev. 20:11
Wicked along with Devil eternally punished Matt. 25:41-46 Wicked along with Devil eternally punished Rev. 20:10, 14-15

7. If it is true that a) the judgment and resurrection of the dead in Daniel 12:1-4, 13 were fulfilled by AD 70 (per Gentry), and if it is true that b) Daniel 12:1-4, 13 is parallel to Revelation 20:5-15 (classic amillennial view), then c) once again the authors of WSTTB have some explaining to do, in that these orthodox views form the “this-generation” forty-year millennial view of full preterism.

DANIEL   12:1-2 REVELATION   20:5-15
Only those whose names are written in the book would be delivered/saved from eternal condemnation Dan. 12:1-2 Only those whose names are written in the book would be delivered/saved from the   lake of fire Rev. 20:12-15
This is the time for the resurrection and judgment   of the dead Dan. 12:1-2 This is the time for the resurrection and judgment   of the dead Rev. 20:5-15


Therefore, the reader should be able to discern that the full preterist view of the millennium is: 1) consistent with the teaching of Revelation, 2) falls within the “orthodox” views the Reformed church, 3) is in harmony with the analogy of Scripture, and 4) has historical support from Rabbis who saw a forty-year transition period between the two ages. Our view on the millennium is exegetically sound and orthodox. It is not as “difficult” as Mathison attempts to portray it.
[1] . G. K. Beale, The New International Greek Testament Commentary: The Book of Revelation (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1999), 1018.
[2] . Ibid., 1018–1019.
[3] . Carol A. Hill, Making Sense of the Numbers of Genesis (http://www. asa3.org/aSA/PSCF/2003/PSCF12–03Hill pdf); Milton S. Terry, Biblical Apocalyptics: A Study of the Most Notable Revelations of God and of Christ (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1988), 62.