The Living Body Show – Exposing Sam Frost's "Exegesis" of Matt. 16:27-28 & Rev. 5 – Christ "Coming" in AD 30 or AD 66 – 70?

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Sam Frost continues to try and convince people that he is some kind of eschatological expert in refuting Full Preterism and yet as this show demonstrates (and articles here on this site) he cannot deal with the basic fundamental Full Preterist exegetical arguments of Matt. 16:27-28 let alone how John Calvin and the Reformed Church understands such passages as Matt. 13:38-43/Dan. 12:2-3; Matt. 16:27; Matt. 24:30-31–25:31!  Don’t miss this show!  William does a great job with developing Rev. 5 as it pertains to it’s OT echos and progression with the rest of Revelation pointing us to an imminent consummation of kingdom promises in AD 66 – AD 70 and NOT an alleged inauguration “coming” of Christ in AD 30 (per Frost)!