The Living Body Show: Matt. 24:14-15; Luke 21:20-22/Dan. 9:24-27/12:1-7, 13

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Mike Sullivan and William Bell continue their study of Matthew 24 – 25 discussing how the Great Commission of Matt. 24:14 was fulfilled by the end of the OC age in AD 70.  Emphasis is also placed on how Jesus in Matt. 24:15 posits the end of the 70 weeks of Daniel 9:24-27 [“abomination that causes desolation until the end that is decreed…”] to take place during the same time frame.  Would the fulfillment of Daniel 9 and 12 (the judgment, resurrection, tribulation, abomination of desolation — ie. “the end”] be the fulfillment of all OT prophecy Luke 21:20-22?  And if so does the rest of the NT support this?  Tune in and see!  Know anyone studying Bible prophecy or even Matt. 24 – 25?  If so pass this on to them.